Dignity/Columbus is a community of Gay, Lesbian, Bisexual, Transgender, Queer and Intersex Catholics and their friends who gather to experience God's unconditional love through worship and mutual support. We challenge the church and society to recognize and embrace the inherent goodness of all human sexuality and its expression in loving relationships

On Being Gay and Catholic

Official Catholic teaching requires that homosexual people abstain from sex. The Church also teaches that all moral decisions must be based on a well-formed conscience, taking into consideration official Church teachings. To do otherwise would be immoral.

Gay Spirituality

There are probably as many versions of "gay spirituality" as there are gay and lesbian persons. Some are fairly traditional and some are new age and beyond. All are on a journey to God, however this person or phenomenon is believed or visualized. I believe it is a journey to wholeness that we live. We are Radical Faeries, drag queens, dykes, fems, leathermen and women, Christians, Jews, Moslems, non-religious, and others. Ideally, we do not judge one another but instead give support in our journeys.