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Leading with Purpose


The DignityUSA Leadership Academy is an 8-month program designed to support the work and promote the skill development of individuals who are considering service to Dignity national in a variety of capacities.  Many people step into leadership roles, voluntarily or “voluntold”. Feeling unprepared for the role, they brace for learning along the way.  This program is intended to provide people with basic tools, organizational context, wisdom from mentors and access to a network of other servant leaders.


The Academy will be conducted entirely on long-distance learning platforms, like Zoom, to ensure the safety of all our participants.  We will begin a two-day “kick-off” to launch our learning cohort and begin to dig into the material.  We will then follow up with a 2-3 hour meeting once a month to discuss a variety of topics related to Leadership.  Participants will each have a mentor with whom to collaborate along the way.

The programmatic content for the Leadership Academy will be determined in conjunction with the needs expressed by the participants.  We expect that some of the key topics will include:

  • DignityUSA mission, vision, values, and history;
  • Managing and driving change in your chapter, caucus, or organization;
  • Unconscious bias – what is it and how do we reduce it?
  • Understanding and developing your leadership style;
  • Effective meeting management; and
  • Amplifying our voices: speaking to the press/media effectively.

The Academy will conclude with an action learning project – a group project that will put your learning to work, while also benefiting Dignity USA or a local chapter or caucus.


Leaders help get things done.  Vision without action remains a dream.  If you have a passion for a cause, you are likely to move into a leadership role.  Leaders need a tool kit just like any craftsman.  This program will stock your “tool kit” and prepare you for any leadership role for any cause that you have a passion for.  You will have access to people who have “been there, done that” and the ability to tap into their accrued wisdom.  And you will expand your network of resources, at a national level.  Upon completion of the program you will not be expected to serve in any specific capacity nor will there be a guarantee for selection.  You and Dignity remain “free” to decide how and when to partner.  But you will become a much more attractive candidate for service to any organization, and should you seek to serve, you will be a valuable addition to Dignity’s leadership team.